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16 June 2022

While we all take care of our skin, we sometimes forget one of the other important elements of our faces - our lips. These are used every day for a whole variety of things - from eating, and drinking to speaking, kissing and smiling, they are an essential part of who we are. This is why it’s so important to take care of them. Lips can easily get dry and chapped, which not only doesn’t look great but also can be painful. Here we’ve put together a guide to help you take care of your lips in three simple steps.

Why is looking after your lips so important?

The skin on your lips is not only thinner than on the rest of your body, but they also have few sebaceous glands, which is the gland that produces oil and keeps the skin hydrated. Add this to the fact they don't produce melanin, which is what protects your skin from the sun, and you have the reason our lips are so sensitive. Without these essential properties, they aren't protected from external factors such as the cold, the heat and harmful UV rays. This is why you need to work to give them the extra protection and care they need.


Where can you be going wrong with your lips?

There are a few things you might be doing that you think are taking care of your lips, but can actually be counteractive. 

Putting vaseline on them

Do you currently put vaseline on your lips? If so, this thick jelly can actually lock in dirt and bacteria, as well as clog the pores around your mouth. It can also act as an oil that attracts heat and makes the skin burn faster. This means if you wear it when it's sunny, it can cause your lips to dry out even more. 

Licking your lips 


One thing many of us do to keep our lips moisturised is to lick them. While this might feel like it's keeping them hydrated, it actually has the opposite effect. By licking your lips, you could add yeast to them and cause yourself to get thrush on your lips. This not only dries them out further, but can also be uncomfortable and need an antifungal cream to treat it. You could also find you get into a repetitive habit of licking your lips which causes friction, irritation and dryness. It can also darken and discolour the skin on the lips. 

Bad habits

Things such as smoking and caffeine can both be bad for your lips. Both nicotine and caffeine are diuretics, meaning they remove water and oil, leaving your lips dry and chapped. Both can also cause discolouration with excess use.

How can you take care of your lips?

Taking care of your lips is quite literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.  The three main elements you need for a great lip care routine are to exfoliate, moisturise and protect. By doing these on a regular basis, your lips will be softer, more hydrated and protected against the elements. 

Step One - Apply a good lip exfoliant

You’d be forgiven for thinking exfoliants were just for your face, when in actual fact there is a whole market dedicated to lip exfoliants. Usually in the form of sugar scrubs, these taste great (although you should try and avoid getting them in your mouth!) as well as having a host of benefits. Rub this on your lips to buff away any dry or dead skin, making your lips feel soft and smooth in no time. In addition to removing impurities, a lip scrub can also encourage blood circulation to your lips, helping them to heal and appear plumper and healthier.

Step two - Apply a lip mask

Once you’ve removed the dry skin from your lips, you want to restore their moisture. The best way to do this is with a lip mask. Lip masks instantly replenish and nourish the lips and are easily applied. There are a host of different lip masks on the market depending on what you're after. Some resemble a sheet face mask in the way they are a sheet that is placed over the lips. Others are like an extra thick lip balm that you apply for a certain amount of time to let the vitamins and minerals be absorbed by your lips. The total time you need to leave a lip mask on depends on the product, but the average time is around 10 to 15 minutes. Be sure to read the specific product to ensure you've left it on for long enough. There are also a number of lip sleeping masks on the market that you apply before you sleep and wash off gently when you wake up. This is great if you are looking to really repair the lips.


Step three - Apply a lip balm 

The final step of your lip care regime is to apply a lip balm. This will supply your lips with additional moisture while also locking in all the good work you’ve just done on them. It will also ensure your lips are protected for the rest of the day. If the weather’s warm, the UV protection in the balm will keep them protected from the sun, avoiding them drying out or getting burnt and blistered. When looking for the best lip balm for you, ensure you find one that has plenty of nourishing ingredients. You can also select from a range of colours, making it a great and easy beauty staple to pop in your handbag too!

If you’re on the lookout for beautiful lips, this three-step routine will have you wondering just why you didn’t start it sooner. From the initial exfoliation to remove dry skin, to adding in intense moisture and keeping your lips protected for the rest of the day, it’s a great way to keep them both looking and feeling healthy. If you’re looking to have more beautiful lips, we have a host of products on our website. You can find a range of lip scrubs, masks and balms designed with you in mind.

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