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Sandals for men polarize. Some love them, because with no other shoe can you walk more relaxed through the summer. For others, open-toed men's shoes tend to raise question marks. It is often just a question of style. If you are longing for airy and fashionable footwear for hot days, let yourself be seduced by the current trends. Elegant leather sandals, toe separators, cork sandals and stylish trekking sandals are now making their grand entrance. It quickly becomes clear: sandals can be both tough and sporty.


Trekking sandals for men

The call for freedom and adventure now sounds all the way to the city. This is because it is currently being conquered by fashionable outdoor sandals. Wide grosgrain ribbon or leather straps meet a comfortable footbed. Instead of loud and trendy colours and patterns, this shoe is now clean and straightforward. Just like wild mountain climbs, this trend is not for everyone. But what do you care, you're not just anyone! Wear hiking sandals confidently with fabric shorts and a T-shirt. Or create a look as controversial and stylish as the shoe itself with cargo pants and a sports jacket on top. 


Elegant men's sandals

Elegant and sandals, is that even a thing? Absolutely. A look at the latest leather sandals and mules for men makes this clear. They impress with clear shapes, wide straps and high-quality smooth leather. Picture them with slacks, a classy linen shirt and an elegant men's watch. A straw trilby completes the look for hot summer days. So you can elegantly sip your cocktail at the hotel bar. 


Cork Sandals

Ever since supermodels started wearing eco-slippers to get their coffee, they have become a trend piece. We can be grateful to them for that. After all, we're partial to the comfy footbed and sturdy leather straps. Cork slippers show up in a decidedly casual way. They go well with cargo shorts and 7/8 jeans. Plaid casual shirts or plain shirts complete the look, as do rustic accessories. For example, bracelets with beads of wood or lava stone.


Toe separators

Their reduced style makes toe separators the absolute favourites among men's sandals. On the beach you feel completely at home. But they also adapt for the city. Here the sandals show up in brown or black leather. Still, they pack laid-back surfer vibes to top off summer looks. Because this isn't just about fashion, it's about an attitude to life, you can combine thongs with pretty much anything. The main thing is that you pull them off, for example with out-of-bed hair, a necklace with a fake shark tooth or cool anchor jewellery. 


Went well 

With fashionable men's sandals, you don't have to choose between style and comfort. They create an excellent climate for your feet and look great too. There is a matching sandal for every look. Only one thing is important: well-groomed feet. Because they get a lot of attention in open-toed shoes. Discover the selection of well-known brands at Afound. Our deals offer you constantly changing offers at greatly reduced prices. So the summer can come!




How much space should I have in sandals?

Sandals that are too small don't pinch your toes, but you should still buy them in the right size. In too big sandals you slide back and forth. If they are too small, the toes or heel may stick out. This looks unsightly and also reduces the wearing comfort. Sandals fit optimally when you have about 1.5 cm of space in front and your heel rests comfortably in the footbed when standing.


What can I do if sandals rub?

Blisters are not uncommon with new shoes. Sandals have no less potential than closed shoes. They sometimes just rub in other places. This can be, for example, where the straps end. A perfect fit when trying them on, doesn't necessarily mean the shoe won't rub when worn in. You just wear it longer and lean in it differently. Leather stretches a little, which is why the problem usually disappears after a few miles. Otherwise you can reduce the friction with special gels or a thick layer of Vaseline. This often effectively prevents chafing and blisters. 


Can I wear socks in sandals? 

Many people would vehemently say no to this question. Sandals in socks remind them of tourist clichés from the 60s. But the fact is: socks in open shoes are no longer taboo. They just don't go with everything. In the case of toe separators, they are out for comfort reasons. Even elegant mules are better worn on bare feet. But in modern trekking sandals, socks can definitely add a stylish accent. They make the look a little nerdy. That's great for lots of outfits.