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Sunglasses for men are a real must-have for the summer. With sunglasses you can reliably protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays and also give your outfit a cool touch. Men's sunglasses come in many different designs and shapes to suit your personal style, taste and face shape.


Sunglasses as a popular men's accessory

Besides belts, ties  and cufflinks, sunglasses are among the few accessories for men. With a trendy pair of sunglasses you can round off your outfit perfectly. Whether for leisure, on the way to work or on a summer holiday: men's sunglasses are available in many different variations to suit every occasion. Models with mirrored lenses are just as popular as pilot sunglasses and stylish retro models.

Oval, square or round – men's sunglasses in different shapes

Sunglasses for men come in many different shapes to suit personal taste, style and face shape.

  • Models with oval, elliptical lenses and thin temples give you a particularly minimalist look. Oval sunglasses look especially good on men with heart-shaped faces.
  • Sunglasses with round lenses add a fresh touch. Models with a narrow plastic rim create an intellectual appearance. Round sunglasses especially suit men with an angular face shape, which is somewhat softened by the curved shape of the glasses.
  • Sunglasses with square lenses and plastic frames give you a particularly distinctive touch. They are available in many different colours and shapes. They look especially good on men with round faces, as they give them stronger contours.


Create a casual look with retro sunglasses

Currently, retro sunglasses are particularly trendy, which give the wearer a particularly casual look. These feature large, square lenses as well as a large full rim frame. Especially popular are classic models with thin metal frames. It gets a little more unusual with men's sunglasses featuring continuous lenses or a double bridge. What you choose depends on your individual taste.


Conclusion: Men's sunglasses to match any style

Sunglasses for men are available to suit every taste, style and of course individual face shape. While oval models go particularly well with heart-shaped faces and round models with angular faces, square sunglasses look particularly good on men with round faces.


Want to buy a new pair of sunglasses that fit you perfectly? At Afound you can find well-known brands of men's sunglasses at reduced prices.




What UV protection do I need for sunglasses?

Contrary to what is often assumed, the colour of the lens has nothing to do with the UV protection of the sunglasses. This is because the tint of the lenses only determines the degree of glare protection. In order for sunglasses to adequately protect you from the sun's rays, they should filter out all UV rays up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres. You can recognise such glasses by the inscription "UV 400" or "100 percent UV protection".


What should you look out for when buying sunglasses?

Besides 100% UV protection, there are a few other factors you should look for when buying your sunglasses:

  • Your sunglasses should fit comfortably. Make sure that your eyes are centred behind the respective glass.
  • When buying your sunglasses, you should pay attention not only to the UV protection, but also to the degree of glare protection. Models with filter category 0, for example, are very lightly tinted and are therefore well suited for the evening. Models with filter category 4, on the other hand, have strong glare protection and are ideal for high-altitude mountain tours.
  • The colour of the lenses is also important when choosing sunglasses. For example, orange lenses improve visibility when skiing.


Which men's sunglasses are on trend?

Extravagant men's sunglasses with a bit of pizzazz are quite trendy at the moment. This applies to both the colours and the shapes of the glasses. The following eyewear trends are currently popular:

  • Narrow sunglasses with extra small lenses
  • Minimalist sunglasses with a very thin metal frame
  • Pilot glasses with drop-shaped lenses
  • Large shield or visor glasses with continuous lenses
  • Sunglasses with coloured lenses, for example in yellow or red
  • Soft lens tints for wearing sunglasses indoors