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It’s not summer without sandals! As well as being wonderfully light, these open shoes go with absolutely everything. Straps range from narrow to wide, heels from flat to skyscrapers and colours from neutral to bright. When it comes to the latest trends, these five types of sandals will have you ready for sunny days in no time!


Mules and slip-ons

While slip-ons cover everything except your heels, mules also let you show off your pretty toes. Both are available in every height, from flat to high heels. Minimalist mules with block heels are particularly stylish and are the perfect neutral foil to extravagant dresses and skirts. If you’re looking for a real all-rounder for the summer, simple leather mules in brown or black are a good choice and will go with absolutely everything. 


Lace-up sandals

When it comes to the latest strappy sandals, the finer the straps, the higher they score on the style scale. And if you can lace them up as well, then they’re absolutely irresistible. These delicate sandals can handle it all, from strolling through the city to gracing the cocktail bars. Pair them with ankle-grazing trousers, midi dresses or skirts with a slit to show off the eye-catching lacing to full effect. Golden or cognac brown lace-up sandals with a low block heel are an absolute must-have!


Thong sandals

Divide and conquer — that’s what works for these fashionable thong sandals. Although you see them everywhere on the beach, they can also do effortless chic. Toe-ring sandals are right on trend and in this minimalist shoe, the toe ring gives you greater support. We particularly love understated colours like black, cream and silver, and square soles make this trend look especially cool. 


Platform sandals

Whether you go for block heels or cork wedges, the only way is up for these sandals! The platform style is reminiscent of the glamour of the 70s and brings disco, crop blouses and glitter to mind. Accordingly, the new platform and wedge sandals often come in velvet, gold, silver and leopard print. They’re all about standing out, so don’t even try to stop them by dialling down the style! Go with the flow: platform sandals love extravagant dresses, wide trousers and strong colours. 


Trekking sandals

The chunky look is back in again and that goes for sandals too. The result is this stylish version of hiking sandals. Instead of colourful Velcro straps in neon colours, trekking sandals have a tough and clean look when worn street style. For this reason, they look best in monochrome colours. As you’ll definitely either love or hate this trend, choose a sandal with a straight platform and simple, wide straps if you want to try it out first. What should you wear them with? With jeans for a casual look, or with a wide midi skirt if you want to radiate an almost provocative jauntiness. 


The perfect companions 

Open shoes show off ankle chains and toe rings beautifully, adding seductive highlights to your summer-kissed skin. Delicate ankle chains subtly encircle your ankle, but eye-catching ankle straps with colourful beads and pendants are also in vogue, and both look especially good with mules and thong sandals. Add an extravagant highlight with a golden toe ring, usually worn on the middle or fourth toe. Dainty straps and lace-up sandals will show it off to perfection; lucky for you, they’re all the rage right now anyway!


Show me your feet!

These wonderful sandal trends will make your feet look even more beautiful. From chunky to delicate, neutral to statement, anything goes — so you’re obviously going to need more than one pair to see you through the summer. Fortunately, there’s plenty of choice. 


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How much space should I have in my sandals?

Although sandals won’t pinch your toes like shoes that are too small, you should still pay attention to the size in order to avoid either your feet sliding around or your toes hanging over the front. Not only does that look weird, it’s also very uncomfortable — and you can easily injure yourself on rough asphalt or cobblestones. Ideally, sandals should be about 1.5 cm longer at the front than your toes and your heels should sit comfortably in the heel cup, without overhanging it.


What can I do if my sandals rub?

We’ve all been there — you’re looking forward to wearing your new shoes and then you end up with blisters. This can even happen with sandals that fit perfectly when you try them on. But you don’t have to write them off right away; straps often only chafe at the beginning and the problem will disappear once you’ve broken the shoes in properly. You can also buy special gels that prevent blisters. They act like a sticking plaster, except they don’t peel off and then chafe even more. Apply the gel before wearing the shoes and it will absorb the friction. If you’re not going to be on your feet for too long, a thick layer of petroleum jelly can also help.


Why do sandals squeak? 

You may find that your new shoes make a squeaking noise. This could be down to the sole; i.e. that it squeaks when it comes into contact with the ground. If this is the case, then spraying the underneath of the sole with hairspray can often help. Sometimes the noise comes from the footbed. New shoes may have air in between the individual layers that makes a whistling sound as it’s squeezed out when you walk. This should stop once you’ve covered a few kilometres; until then, it’s simply a case of ignoring it until it goes away.