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Modern hairstyling products combine care and hold. Your hairstyle can withstand wind and the weather with hairspray, gel and mousse, but which products do you really need? It all depends on your hair structure and how you wear your hair. We'll introduce you to the most important hair styling categories and give you tips on how to use them.


Heat protection for styling

Blow-drying, straightening, curling – many of us do it regularly. Your hair needs help to withstand the heat. This comes in the form of hair care sprays or lotions, which protect your hair from the high temperatures that straighteners and curling irons use. To do this, they envelop your hair like a protective coat, preventing the hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Always apply heat protection before styling. It is easier to apply to damp hair, then wait until your hair's completely dry before straightening or curling it. You can find more hair styling products here: hairstyling accessories.


Hair gel and styling cream

Gels and styling creams create textured looks. They give short hair texture or structure; with long hair they accentuate individual strands. You can achieve wild out-of-bed looks as well as beach waves that look like they've been kissed by salt water. Tip: rub wax or gel between the palms of your hands first and then rub it into the lengths beginning at the ends. This will help your hairstyle retain its volume. Check out our other products too: hair treatments and hair masks.


Defined curls

Everyone's envious of a gorgeous head of curls but it needs a lot of care. With conventional gels, curly hair can soon feel hard. Much better is a curl mousse that conditions at the same time. The velvety texture defines the individual curls and makes them smooth, giving your hair bounce and shine. Use a weightless hairspray for curls to keep your hairstyle fixed in place. 


Anti-frizz products for straight hair

Long, straight hair can be a feast for the eyes, but it has a few natural enemies: moisture, friction and static. The right care will prevent your hair from tangling and breaking as a result these everyday issues. Styling products with an anti-frizz effect smooth the hair's surface. This makes it shine and reduces friction, so it won't become tangled. Your hair might need this protection especially in rain and wind; on stormy days, add something smoothing to your hair before styling.


The perfect finish 

You've finished styling your hair; now hairspray ensures that it lasts all day. It works with blow-dried hairstyles as well as upswept hair. Those individual hairs always like to flop down; we're all familiar with those little hairs that like to poke out in all directions, aren't we? But it doesn't have to be this way: use a setting spray as soon as you've styled your hair. Hairsprays come in different strengths, from weightless to extra hold. Choose the product that best suits your needs here. If you like to experiment with your hair then it's always worth having different products at home.


Styling products go hand in hand

Today we have high expectations when it comes to hair styling: we want it to protect, define and provide hold. All of this is possible with high-quality products. They make on-trend looks possible, as well as completely natural styles. You can mix and match several products together: for example, use a heat protection lotion to protect your hair as it dries, then add a little wax to texture the ends. There is hair care for every hair type: short, long, fine or strong, get what you need for your style!



What temperatures can I style my hair at?

Straighteners and curling irons work at different temperatures; 150-180° celsius is considered optimal. High-quality styling tools will style your hair effortlessly into shape at this heat and won't damage it too much. It's important to work reasonably quickly: if you keep the straighteners in one place for too long at 180°, it will damage your hair. Tip: invest in a good styling tool with a protective coating and temperature control!


How do I remove styling products from my hair?

Before going to bed, you can simply brush out most of the styling products. Gels, wax and hairspray stick hair together to give it texture; you can loosen these bonds by brushing your hair thoroughly. You don't need to worry about brushing straight hair too much. You can separate curls with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, then remove the rest of the styling products when you next shampoo.


How can I find a hairspray that really lasts?

How strong a hairspray holds depends on the product. Some styling products are intentionally formulated to feel extra light, while other products are designed for maximum hold. They often have "extra" or "ultra" in their names, and, the packaging may indicate on a scale how strong the product will hold.