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Conditioner is a staple haircare product that you apply to hair after washing to make it silkier. Initially, shampoo rids your hair of grease, dust and residues from styling products. but it roughens up the surface of the hair in the process, reducing shine and often making it a bit unruly. That's where conditioner comes in. It coats the surface of the hair, making it smooth, soft and glossy again. Lots of conditioners also nourish or repair hair damage at the same time, so they provide your hair with a bit of extra care along the way. If you're in a hurry, opt for leave-in conditioners that you don't have to rinse out. Read on for how to find the right conditioner for your hair and tips for using it.


conditioner AND Shampoo – the dream team

A team that has been put through its paces together is more effective, and the same goes for haircare, so it makes sense to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same haircare range. This ensures that both products are designed to work together for the best possible results. You should also change the products you use every so often, otherwise your hair will get used to the active ingredients and they'll stop being as effective. That's not to say that you need to have ten different shampoos and conditions in your shower at the same time. A good time to change over is when you reach the end of a bottle. This is sustainable and means that you're naturally switching things up every couple of months. 


Conditioner for your every haircare need

Hair differs greatly from person to person. It may be straight, curly, thick, thin, light or dark. In other words, it's as unique as you are, so treat it to some care that's tailored to its needs. Once you understand your hair's needs, you'll have no trouble selecting the right kind of product. Ask yourself the following:

  • What condition is your hair in?
  • Is it strong and shiny, or can you see signs of damage, like split ends or a flat, dull appearance?
  • Would you like more volume, or do you want to tame unruly hair?
  • Is your hair coloured?


Using hair conditioner and leave-in conditioner properly

Normally, you apply conditioner to wet hair straight after every shampoo. To do this, massage a walnut-sized amount of product into your hair. It's crucial to comb it through your hair gently, so that the conditioner is able to coat and nourish every single hair. Leave the product on for a couple of minutes, then rinse it out thoroughly. The exception is leave-in conditioner, which doesn't need to be rinsed out. You apply this to towel-dried hair after washing, then simply comb it through and style it as you normally would.


Treat your hair to some care and shine

Conditioner makes the ideal complement to shampoo. It smooths, nourishes and protects your hair, making it glossier and easier to style. So it's best to use the two products together. If you often have to wash your hair in a rush, leave-in conditioners are a smart solution, as you don't need to give them time to work or rinse them out. Choose both products from a haircare range that's suited to the needs of your hair. You'll find a huge selection of high-quality products among our haircare deals. 

Make the most of our great low prices and get some brand new haircare products!



What's better, a conditioner or a hair mask?

A conditioner and a hair mask are two completely different products. Conditioner is designed to accompany regular hair washing, although it does have some nourishing properties as well. Its primary purpose, however, it to smooth down your hair after its surface has been roughened up by the shampoo and water. This gives your hair a lovely shine after you wash it and makes it easier to comb through. A mask is a more intense care treatment for your hair. Masks are packed with ingredients that nourish or repair your hair, or boost its colour. As you should only apply a hair mask once a week, you leave it to work for longer – usually about 10–15 minutes.


Do all conditioners contain silicones?

No, some products do not contain silicones at all. These ingredients have a smoothing effect, but they are of synthetic origin, so some manufacturers prefer to substitute them with natural alternatives such as plant-based oils. The list of ingredients will tell you if a product contains silicones. These are most commonly listed as dimethicones, methicones, polysiloxanes or cyclomethicones. And often manufacturers whose products don't contains these ingredients usually state this on their packaging. 


Is conditioner also suitable for short hair?

If you have short hair, you probably don't have to give much thought to combability. After all, short hair is much less likely to get tangled. However, conditioner doesn't just make your hair smoother; it also ensures a lovely shine. Long or short, hair has the same kind of cuticle: a layer of scales that stands up when washed. This means that you hair doesn't reflect light as beautifully. Applying a conditioner right after shampooing restores the shine to your hair; it also makes it feel wonderfully soft and well groomed. In other words, conditioners definitely have their benefits, even if you have short hair.