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Men's sports trousers have one main task: to support how you move. But they need to make you feel comfortable while they're doing that. They also need to look good. Modern sports trousers have got that covered, and they're now a fashion item, so it's absolutely fine to be out and about in casual sports trousers – at least when you're off the clock.


Men's sports trousers: spoiled for choice

Men wear a wide variety of trousers for sports. It's vital to have the right trousers for the right sport: take men's sports shorts, for example, great for when the heat is on. Seams may need to be on the exterior, or omitted altogether if you're into cycling, for example. A pair of full-length men's sports trousers, or a pair of sports leggings, has its advantages if you're braving the weather – or if you're a goalkeeper. Three-quarter length sports trousers may be just the thing for jogging. But when you're choosing sports trousers, it's not just about the length. Other qualities are also crucial: heat insulation, so you don't get cold even at low temperatures, and breathability, so any sweat evaporates quickly.

The perfect men's sports trousers – at Afound

At, you'll benefit from three advantages that you won't see together too often:


1. Huge selection

Many famous names offer their on-trend pieces on our marketplace for fashion. Items from fashion brands can be found here. As well as men's sports trousers, you'll find everything else that you could dream of, and all those fashion items that are missing from your wardrobe.


2. Discounts of up to 70%

The savings shown are what you'll actually pay: we offer a 25% to 70% discount over our entire range. And men's sports trousers of every kind are no exception to this rule! There are amazing deals for all the family at, and if you need to send anything back, it won't cost a penny: returns are always free!


3. Sustainability is top of the agenda

For us at Afound, sustainability is one of our pillars. You'll benefit from it right now – and we'll all reap the benefits in the long run. You'll find this season's very best on-trend pieces here, as well as what could be your new favourites from last season too; we don't want to throw anything away! We understand that you feel the same way.


Reap the rewards with Afound

We've got plenty of casual and classy sports fashion to suit your active style. To find just what you're after, take advantage of our top deals and opt for sustainability.


What are you waiting for? Order your men's sportswear now at!


Why do sports trousers often have a mesh lining?

Many men's sports trousers have a mesh lining; it's not just for swimming trunks. This is because more and more men are wearing nothing underneath when they're doing sports. The mesh lining is there to ensure that everything stays where it belongs and to avoid any unpleasant chafing. It also helps prevent sweat stains from forming while wicking away any moisture.

What can I do if my sports trousers start to ride down?

Your new sports trousers might look great when you try them on, but sometimes they can ride down when the serious sport begins. Curing this problem depends on the trousers: if they're sweatpants, they usually have a drawstring. You can use this to tighten the waist. Trousers tend to stay up better against rough fabric than on bare skin, so if possible, wear an extra layer. In some cases, only one thing helps: wear trousers with a higher waist. And for some sports, there are also ones that come with braces.

How do I wash men's sports trousers properly?

It's best to machine wash your sports trousers at low temperatures, up to 30°C. The fresher the dirt is, the easier it is to remove it. To maintain the trousers' functionality, it's better to only spin your trousers at low speeds – if at all. Don't use a radiator or hairdryer to dry your trousers, and some trousers can stretch if they're hung up.


As a rule, there's no need for special detergents for sports clothes.