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Unlike women, men own on average only 8 pairs of shoes, according to a survey. Nevertheless, men's shoes are in no way inferior to women's shoes in terms of variety and quality. From slip-on shoes and lace-up shoes for men to sports shoes and trainers , everything is included.


At Afound you'll find...


  • Men's shoes for every season: Summer shoes, winter shoes and winter boots as well as shoes for the transitional period,
  • slippers like mules and slip-ons,
  • outdoor footwear such as wellington boots and waterproof trekking shoes,
  • loafers like comfortable penny loafers and
  • sports shoes such as jogging shoes or running shoes, football boots, volleyball shoes and tennis shoes.

Check out Afound for yourself! In our Fashion Marketplace you will find a wealth of high quality shoes for men suitable for every occasion and taste!


Shoes for men: loafers, lace-up shoes, trainers and the like.

Shoes show style. They show off your personality, complete your outfit and determine how other people see you.


The right footwear is essential for you to feel comfortable and confident. The right shoes all depend on the occasion.


  • Looking for business shoes for men? For this purpose, lace-up shoes made of shiny leather in fine cuts and high quality materials are a good choice. Customers draw conclusions about your competence based on your look.
  • In your free time you can keep it more casual. But you still don't want to do without stylish footwear? No problem: how about trainers or comfy penny loafers? Moccasins are extremely popular with men as casual shoes: the loafers skilfully bridge the gap between comfort and elegance.
  • Basketball is your favourite sport. So you need a shoe that gives you a secure grip. It should wrap around your ankles to prevent twisting and injury. At the same time, good insulation is helpful.


Maybe you're looking for a waterproof trekking shoe or stylish wellingtons for your next festival.


Whatever you're up to: Afound has the right shoes for you! And the best thing about it: You save between 25% and 70% on every purchase!


Afound: Your Fashion Marketplace for Men's Shoes

Men's shoes usually have to meet several criteria: They should be comfortable. At the same time functional and of course stylish. At you can expect a changing range of footwear fashion from the current and previous seasons.


Every day you'll find exciting deals from your favourite brands!


Why Afound is the perfect Marketplace for you:

  • We believe in sustainability. Our focus is on goods that have already been manufactured. When you order your men's shoes from Afound, you get to enjoy low prices. At the same time you prove with every purchase that you shop for fashion sustainably.
  • You can expect a variety of cutting-edge shoes for men from popular brands.

You like the classy lace-up shoes? You're into trekking shoes because you've always wanted waterproof footwear for your outdoor adventures? Maybe your heart is set on those new football boots, too.


Order your new favourite shoes now! The sooner you decide, the better. Popular deals usually sell out quickly. You still have a chance to grab your favourites at a bargain price!



What is a penny loafer?

A penny loafer is a unisex slip-on loafer that originated in the USA around 1910. The design features a transverse slit in the bridge above the instep. Supposedly, students keep a lucky penny in their college shoe.


Penny loafers can be worn for many different occasions. They are comfortable and elegant. In dark tones such as brown, black or dark grey, the timeless low shoes for men are completely suitable for business situations.


Which men's shoes are in fashion?

Certain shoes for men are always on trend. They never go out of fashion. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your shoes and love your look. That's more important than any trend.


If you're looking for a trendy all-rounder, we've got some tips for you:

  • Loafers: Slip-ons look great and they are versatile for business and leisure.
  • Trainers are also the right choice if you're going for a casual look or putting together a cosy leisure outfit.
  • Chelsea boots are also a stylish addition, as you can wear them with a classy suit as well as jeans.

Which men's shoes go with a suit?

Traditionally, an elegant lace-up low shoe with a thin sole goes with a men's suit. However, trainers are also quite suitable for suits if they match the overall look. For example, trainers go wonderfully with a light linen summer suit. Generally speaking, the more upscale and less sporty your shoes look, the more elegant your look will remain.


In summer, loafers and slip-ons are an alternative to the classic lace-up shoe for men. If you want something that not every man wears with a suit, monkstraps with their single or double buckles on the leather strap are an eye-catcher for formal occasions.


A formal, polished patent shoe is usually expected with a tux. Also check out our popular categories  swim trunksmen's jeans and chinos .