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Pumps and heels are a staple of any woman's wardrobe. They're classic, sophisticated and give your posture and outfit a real lift. You may need to practise walking in them, but once you've mastered that there'll be no stopping you, and you can strut your stuff! You can find the perfect pumps or heels for your next party, work event or upcoming wedding online at Afound. Our extensive range of footwear includes pumps and heels from well-known brands at up to 70% off. With these deals, there's no need to force your feet into second-rate shoes and end up with blisters. Go out in the shoes that your feet and outfit deserve.


Pumps and heels – shoes that never go out of fashion

Pumps and heels: every woman has them, they go with stylish evening dresses and they always turn heads. Heeled shoes aren't some fleeting new trend. The aristocracy was wearing shoes with heels back in the 16th century. They've survived all sorts of changes through history and they've been worn by women for smart occasions down the ages. There's a reason why heeled shoes have enjoyed such abiding popularity. They tighten up your posture, emphasising particular parts of the body, like the chest – just look at paintings of nobles from the 17th century for confirmation. Kings would pose for the painter in high-heeled shoes, their chests jutting proudly – their posture was emphasised by their footwear.


Besides this effect on posture, pumps and heels also have a few other things going for them. Beautifully buffed feet don't have to be hidden away in a closed shoe:
you can show them off with pretty high-heeled sandals. There's a vast range of designs, so if you need something that works with your outfit and matches your nail varnish, you won't have to look far.

Pumps are more classic and a little more conservative, but just as cute. This half-closed style of shoe has a heel between 3 and 5 centimetres high and looks very sophisticated. They're often made of patent or natural leather and have a round or pointed toe. With such elegance, it's no surprise that they're de rigueur for dance styles like the flamenco. Heels and pumps are the obvious choice for pairing with a gown for a special evening do. The Afound online shop has a wide selection of
different shoes. Whether you fancy a pair of pale-coloured or dark shoes, towering
stilettos or conservative pumps with a small heel, you'll find what you're looking for
at Afound.


Order heels and pumps quickly and easily at Afound

So you've fallen in love and can't do without your newfound object of desire? Just one click, and your pumps or heels will be in your basket. Now you just need to go to checkout, and those shoes will be yours. We'll send your shoes to your address within a few days of payment. At Afound, you can pay easily and securely with credit card or Klarna. Are you looking for something specific? Don't waste time scrolling; use our filter function to get only the relevant results. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, it's easy to use our free returns service to send the pumps or heels back to us.


Has this whetted your appetite for more? Have a browse through our virtual rails to find the perfect heels or pumps for your next event.




Are my pumps or heels too high?

As long as your pumps or heels don't pose any risk to your safety as you go about your day, then they're not too high. If you're going to be walking on uneven paths or

driving, change into sturdier shoes, as wearing high heels or pumps may put your safety and that of others at risk.


Could the heel break off?

As with any fashion item, especially one that gets a lot of use, after a while you may notice signs of wear. The heels of pumps or high-heeled shoes are most likely to be damaged by an uneven gait or if you put strain on them in some other way, which may even cause them to break off. If used with care, however, pumps and heels can be worn regularly for years without any issues.


How can I clean my pumps and heels?

When it comes to cleaning your shoes, the method will depend on the materials. We recommend waterproofing your pumps and heels regularly to protect the material against changeable weather conditions. You can often remove light dirt with a damp cloth. Before using special cleaning agents, make sure that they won't damage the colour or material of your shoes.