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What would your wardrobe be without sneakers? Fancy that! This shoe is a true all-star. We're not just into the extra comfort that the flexible rubber sole brings. Sneakers are so much more than comfortable shoes. They're a status symbol. That's why connoisseurs are constantly on the lookout for the next trend. And you can show it almost everywhere by now. Cool sneakers are a must for a casual look. But now, sneakers are even mixing up formal outfits. 


You can choose between many different styles. Some are inspired by tennis, others by basketball, running, sailing, bowling and so on. They are available in leather, suede or canvas. We could go on forever. Because the fact is: the sneaker universe is infinite. Which trends should not be missing in your shoe cabinet? Find out!


White sneakers

Must we say more about this? Actually, no. We'll do it anyway. Here are three reasons why white sneakers are simply brilliant: 

  1. They go with everything. White is outside the colour spectrum and goes with just about everything. 
  2. They look clean. Bright white sneakers are the white balance for your outfit. They lend clarity to the look and form a counterpoint to wild patterns and bold colours.
  3. They always look like new – provided you take good care of them. The clean-cut look is savvy and cultured. It says: This man has it all figured out.


Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneakers are perfect for summer: light, airy, casual. Canvas sneakers come in boat shoe styles, skater looks, and iconic high-top sneakers from the world of basketball. They go with jeans  as well as chinos  and Bermuda shorts, just about anything casual and summery. At the same time they always seem relaxed. Here you are not just buying a shoe, but an attitude to life. 


Neon accents

With neon sneakers you show your colours. They are a bold statement of fashion consciousness. Set a signal for style! Enough of the puns, but the principle is clear: Neon is striking. And because fashion is currently showing an increasing tendency towards extravagance, this splash of colour comes just in time. For a low-key entry, choose black or white sneakers with neon accents. Or you can go all-in with a squeaky yellow, green or orange shoe. With blue jeans and a grey T-shirt, they create a wow effect. Or you can pick up the colour of the sneakers with a matching top. But beware, here you need to be sure of your aim when choosing the colour!


Retro sneakers

Perhaps retro sneakers remind us of simpler times. But it would be unfair to say we keep reviving them just for nostalgia's sake. Because retro models simply convince with iconic styles. Many sneakers from the 70s and 80s have cult status because they simply look brilliant. Clean shapes, cool details and classic colour combinations translate easily into our decade. Trends come and go, but retro sneakers can be counted on. Their style has stood the test of time. That's why iconic models are definitely a good investment.


Running shoes

If there's one sneaker that's long been left out of urban looks, it's the running shoe. Too clunky, too functional, too much of a training shoe. That has now changed. In fact, the trail shoe has become the hottest trend in the sneaker department. We think chunky is great now, the chunkier, the better. Therefore, the outsole is additionally pumped up for the street style. The combination of leather and mesh is underlined by bold colours. Roll up your pants, after all, this shoe wants to be seen.  


Sneakers for men are available at Afound

Get an edge in the run for the latest sneaker trend! On you can always expect new deals on shoes from well-known brands. Here you get models of current and past collections up to 70% reduced. 

Discover the selection!




Can sneakers be put in the washing machine?

Yeah, but ... Theoretically, you can clean sneakers in the washing machine if they have become really dirty. However, this should be only with a mild detergent and without spinning. But it is better if you clean them by hand. Normally this is also sufficient to remove even stubborn dirt. You can simply clean leather shoes with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Canvas sneakers can be soaked in water with a mild detergent. 


How do sneaker sizes run?

Size is a thing with sneakers. In the past, the rule was: buy sports shoes one size bigger. However, many manufacturers have adjusted their sizes. So you can now order sneakers in your usual shoe size. If you already own shoes of the same brand, go by their fit.


How to lace sneakers?

There are many ways to lace up sneakers. The classics include parallel lacing and cross lacing. They are easy to implement and don't warp too quickly. That is, that one end doesn't get shorter and the other longer. Here lies an advantage over shop lacing. They often have shoes when you buy them because they're easy to lace. However, here one end is simply guided diagonally from the bottom to the top. This side quickly becomes shorter.