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Whether for the gym, jogging or playing football, men's training jackets go great with every sport outfit. Training jackets are great thanks to their comfortable and breathable fabric. When you start to sweat, training jackets will reliably wick moisture away from your body, protecting you from the cold. In addition to their functionality, sport jackets are also available in different cuts, colours and designs.


Practical sports jackets for men made from different materials

Training jackets are made from pure synthetic fibres such as polyester. These styles are extremely light and breathable so that moisture can evaporate when sweating. Cotton training jackets are also very popular among men. In comparison with other brands made from synthetic fibres, they are less breathable, but very soft on the skin. Perfect for light workouts in sports halls or in the gym. We have designs made from windproof and waterproof materials, such as softshell jackets, which are great for jogging. You're totally protected from wind and rain then.


The perfect cut for every occasion

Sport jackets for men are available in different cuts and features. Training jackets in regular fit offer sufficient freedom of movement and can be worn casually over other sports or everyday clothing. Slim-fit jackets are tight fitting, streamlined and don't crease. Many men's sports jackets come with a hood and collar and will protect you in cold weather and from the wind. Zip pockets offer practicality and space for money, keys or your mobile phone. Training jackets with drawstrings enable a perfect fit, while the vents keep you nice and cool. Simple training jackets for men in grey or black are just as popular as colourful styles or retro training jackets.


Training jackets suitable for every season

Whether you're jogging outdoors, working out in the gym, or enjoying your free time, training jackets are suitable for a variety of occasions any time of the year. Styles with hoods and insulating materials will protect you from wet and cold days in autumn and winter. Choose a lightweight style in summer made from thin functional fabric. Styles with removable vests are an excellent choice. These allow you to cope with a sudden change in the weather.


Conclusion: training jackets for sport and everyday

Sport jackets for men are available in different colours, cuts and patterns. These are not only really comfortable, but also ensure that moisture moves to the outer layer quickly when sweating. Additional features such as hoods, drawstrings or patch pockets offer an extra level of comfort. Men's training jackets are available in an array of styles to suit every season.


Looking for a high-quality training jacket that's not only functional but also offers a lot in terms of style? You can find all the best styles at reduced prices at Afound.




How should you clean training jackets?

To enjoy your training jacket for as long as possible, it's important to clean it properly. Be sure to check the label on your training jacket. Training jackets can generally be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Avoid using fabric softeners as they can destroy synthetic fibres. Do not tumble-dry the jacket; allow it to air-dry.


What is a practical jacket?

Practical jackets always have a practical function, as their name suggests. They're particularly good for breathability and keeping the wind and rain out. While some practical jackets only offer one form of practicality, other styles combine all practicalities. Fleeces, down jackets, as well as soft and hard shell jackets are typical examples of practical jackets. They suit people who spend a lot of time outdoors or doing outdoor activities. 


How can I tell if a sports jacket is waterproof?

The term "waterproof" gives little indication of how waterproof a jacket actually is. Significantly more information is given by the unit water column. This shows the water pressure that a jacket can withstand per millimetre. The higher the water column unit, the more waterproof a jacket is.