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Men's and women's facial skin has particular care demands. This part of the skin has to withstand the most diverse influences. To feel fresh and radiant every day, you need the right products. Perfectly match cleansing and care to the needs of your skin. This ensures that it remains in balance. If it is already a little out of balance, regenerating serums and masks bring it back into balance. But what all do you need for a balanced care routine? And how do you choose the right skincare range for your skin condition? These tips will help you. 


Care routine for the face

The face is openly exposed to sunlight, fine dust and other influences. They stress the skin and can lead to impurities. You counteract this with a good routine. This consists of cleaning and care. 


Facial cleansing

Daily cleansing lets your skin breathe a sigh of relief. Washing gels free the pores from dust, grease and bacteria. This prevents impurities. And your skin feels refreshed. For sensitive skin, you can use a mild cleansing milk instead of a foaming gel. It prevents drying out and still removes dirt thoroughly.



One of the biggest problems for the skin is the loss of water. Heat, wind and heated air take their toll on your skin. Therefore, rebalance the moisture content in the morning and evening. A face cream moisturises and locks moisture into the skin. Depending on the skin type and season, the care may be somewhat richer or lighter. This is influenced by the amount of lipids in the cream. For dry skin and icy cold, a higher oil content is useful. In summer and for oily or blemished skin, a water-based care is suitable. 


Serums and nourishing oils 

Special skin need require special care. Serums and oils provide the fine-tuning of your skincare ritual. There are serums for: 

  • Blemished skin – Retinol and other active ingredients that push regeneration prevent cornification, under which blackheads form. Clarifying and antibacterial ingredients counteract pimples.
  • Dry skin – Nourishing oil serums strengthen the protective layer of your skin. This reduces moisture loss and gives you a firmer complexion.
  • Moisture-deficient skin – It lacks substances that bind moisture in the skin. Serums with hyaluron or glycerine provide relief and immediately plump up the skin.
  • Mature skin – When it comes to facial care from the age of 30, the first anti-ageing products are used. They promote regeneration so that your skin retains its youthful glow for a long time. Skin over 60 needs more potent elixirs paired with intensive moisturising.
  • Stressed skin – Soothing ingredients counteract irritation and redness. They provide quick relief from uncomfortable skin sensations. Ideally, they also help repair skin damage. 


Masks and scrubs

Treat your skin to a nourishing or cleansing face mask once or twice a week. Moisturising masks provide your complexion with a freshness boost. Pampering masks with vitamins or even gold dust give your skin a fascinating glow. Peeling masks with clay or fruit acids ensure pure skin. Since these care packs take a while to do their magic, you automatically give yourself a moment for yourself. Enjoy it!


Facial care at Afound

Both men and women's facial skin needs more attention than the rest of the body. A good skin care routine will keep you looking fresh and rested. From cleansing to skincare, each product should be adapted to your skin condition. 

Are you looking for a new skincare line or a special treatment? Then discover our beauty deals! Find more deals on skin care  here.



Why is skin care important?

Your grooming routine is surely quite a bit different than it would have been 60 years ago. Today, the skin is exposed to greater environmental stresses. Polluted air, fine dust and ozone were not even an issue for our grandmothers. However, we encounter this problem every day. Therefore, the skin needs more support today. With a high-quality facial care you give it the protection it urgently needs now.


How much skin care is necessary?

Opinions differ on that point. On the one hand, the trend is towards purism – few care steps, natural ingredients – and on the other hand, there is layering. Up to ten different products are used in the morning and evening. Both directions have loyal fans. It ultimately depends on what your skin is like and what you feel comfortable with. Are you currently going with a minimal regimen of wash gel and moisturiser and happy with that? Then keep it up! Do you have the feeling that your skin is missing something? Then add to your routine in a meaningful way. 


How long does it take for skin care to work?

Often you get a feeling for whether a product is suitable for your skin or not after just a few applications. However, a sustainable improvement needs more time. Your skin regenerates on average every four weeks. It also takes about that long for it to get used to a new skin care regimen. Therefore, when you use a new skincare line, don't expect miracles right away. Give it a month to convince you.