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The current boot trends are the Alpha and Omega when it comes to staying on-trend – think "A" for ankle boots and "O" for over-the-knee. Patent and snakeskin looks are just as on point as rich colours and platform heels. Just don't get cold feet when it's your turn to make a stylish entrance! Anything goes – and there's plenty to choose from. These boots will add the finishing touches to any outfit.



Boots made from crocodile leather or snakeskin stand out due to their unique patterning. They add a glamorous accent to very simple designs. Of course, there is also leather and imitation leather, which is merely embossed to look like amphibian skin. Available in warm brown tones or cool black, these elegant boots are perfect for dinner out as well as at the office. 


Cowboy boots 

Go wild! Wild West-style footwear is all the rage. The classic cowboy boot has been deconstructed to give a modern take on the look. The typical shape – pointed with a slightly slanted block heel – also looks great in plain, smooth leather or suede. It gives ankle boots a tough look that works well with straight jeans and leather leggings. 


Platform boots

These boots will give your look a boost. Whether they're Chelsea boots or lace-up boots, those extra few centimetres make a huge difference in style terms. They look much cooler and more confident than low-heeled boots. This adds a rebellious twist to playful dresses and prim skirts. At the same time, the thick soles keep your feet gorgeously warm in winter. It's a clear win-win situation!


Lace-up boots

Celebrate the rock-star touch that lace-up boots add to your outfit. Crafted in smooth, black leather and featuring chunky soles, these boots have everything going for them. They have long been trendy as ankle boots. They are perfect with wide-leg jeans in a 7/8 length, as well as with short dresses. But lace-up boots are now aiming high, too. They look equally beautiful as knee-high boots. 


Wellington boots

With the right footwear you too can be dancing through the puddles. Because let's face it, we always feel a little sorry for our good leather boots in the mud and rain, don't we? But when it's miserable outside there's no need to worry if you're wearing Wellington boots. You can even hose them down with the garden hose afterwards. Whether you go for trendy Chelsea boots or tall boots, they're a must-have for anyone who won't let bad weather stop them from doing what they want to do. When buying, make sure they fit well and are comfortable to wear. Your feet will thank you for that on long walks!


Winter boots

If the weather worsens you'll need to protect your feet from the cold and wet. You need a pair of thick winter boots. Lined with lambswool or faux fur, they'll keep your feet warm in sub-zero temperatures. Lined, smooth leather or suede boots will make you look chic while you're drinking mulled wine. Boots made of waterproof Goretex are a good choice for walks in the snow. 


Step up your boot game!

Boots are so much more than just warm footwear. They can cleverly turn the style of your outfit on its head. Be brave enough to mix up your style, or choose a pair of simple, black leather boots to ground your look. How you react to the latest trends is up to you and your powers of imagination. Where you can get on-trend boots, however, is clear: at you'll find an ever-changing range of deals at reduced prices. 

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Can I stretch my boots?

Genuine leather gives a little over time. However, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to buy boots that are too tight. The leather only has a certain amount of give. If a shoe only feels slightly tight at the shaft or on the ball of the foot, this will usually disappear after a few wears. However, if the shoe is uncomfortably tight when you try it on and restricts your movement it's better to buy the next size up. Incidentally, nothing changes in terms of length. Your toes should still have about 1.5cm of space in front.


What can I wear with boots?

As a rule, boots are just as versatile as low-heeled shoes. They go with a dress or skirt just as well as with trousers. You can tuck skinny jeans and leggings into the top of tall boots. Ankle boots are a good choice with wide-leg trousers. When paired with Chelsea boots or stretch ankle boots with a narrow shaft, the trouser leg falls loosely over them. Biker boots, for example, have a wide shaft. For a casual look, wear with trousers that sit just above the top of the boot so that a little skin peeks through. 


How do I look after my boots?

Leather boots will stay looking beautiful for a long time if you look after them properly. The important thing is to protect them from moisture with a leather grease. Small scratches can be removed using a leather care product in the same colour as your boots. There are special cleansing foams that remove stains from suede. Regular proofing is essential! Boots made of rubber or Goretex are extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe off dirt with a damp cloth or brush it out of fine grooves and the fabric once it has dried.