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Remember the 80’s eyebrows? The beauty industry keeps on moving. Some things may be trendy today and hilarious tomorrow. There are various new trends in beauty that sprung in 2022 that proved that the beauty industry is adaptive. The good news is – that you can explore all the new arrivals in beauty at and shop with up to 70% off every day!


New at-home Treatments


If there is one thing the Covid-19 pandemic taught us, it’s the importance of basic DIY beauty skills. 


That is why, at Afound, we have a wide selection of brad-new beauty products that don’t require you to rush to the salon.


New Clean-Beauty Products


There is a new beauty trend where customers want to be more aware of what they are using. That is why, when you shop the new products at, we ensure that all the components are always listed. 


Skincare Is thriving


Makeup is good. But people have realized that you can have glowing skin without using any make-up. That is why skincare products such as serums and moisturizers are in high demand nowadays. 


Are beauty care products expensive?


Beauty care products' prices vary from affordable to expensive depending on various factors. One determinant is quality.


But is it not better to invest in high-quality products that bring results than cheap products that won’t help your skin in any way?


Why shop at Afound?


Afound has a wide array of beauty products for both men and women. Whatever new-in beauty products you are looking for, rest assured we have them at affordable prices always.


Are new trends in beauty worth checking out?


Definitely! The beauty industry is ever-changing and evolving. Don’t hesitate to check out new items. You may just get a new favourite beauty item that will transform how you look and feel.