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Do you need some new men's underwear? Then Afound is the place for you. We have an extensive selection of briefs, boxer shorts and sports underwear from well-known brands. Are there any brands out there that have always interested you? Then now is the perfect opportunity to try out men's socks and underwear from new brands.



  • men's briefs,
  • sports underwear (e.g. ski underwear),
  • functional underwear/thermal underwear,
  • plus-size men's underwear,
  • men's jumpsuits and


We offer the best deals on underwear from this season and last season — at discounted prices! This is easy on your budget and means you can snap up some really cool bargains! Discover trendy products from your favourite brands! You get a 25%-70% discount on the original retail price with every purchase.


Sounds good? Then check out Afound right now and browse through the latest must-have items as well as our classic evergreens!


Shop underwear at Afound

Sustainability in fashion is what drives us. At Afound, we are making a statement against fast fashion. This is why we focus on already produced clothing from popular brands.


This has lots of advantages for you — we offer you irresistible deals on underwear. At attractive prices that are easy on your fashion budget! Order everything conveniently online!


We have a constantly changing range of men's underwear on offer in our fashion marketplace, from briefs to boxer shorts, in all sizes, designs and colours. Serious, trendy or with a witty slogan — we have it all.


Are you looking for an original gift for a friend? A statement pair of underwear could be just the thing —personal, funny and unique. Maybe you would like to try out something new yourself? Our low prices mean a low risk for you.


We stock underwear from many popular brands. Did you find any deals you like? That's great! Then don't hang around. It's a good idea to grab them now. Great deals can sell out quickly.


Have you found some exciting deals? That's great! Then it's a good idea to order your favourites right away, before anyone swipes them out from under your nose.



What is functional underwear?

Functional underwear, also referred to as first-layer or thermal underwear, prevents you from cooling down during sports activities. It fits close to the body but is not constricting. This is how it keeps you at a constant temperature. It doesn't matter whether you are engaging in a sweaty sports activity or taking a quick break.


Functional underwear keeps your muscles warm, wicks away moisture and ensures you're comfortable. These kinds of underwear and vests are particularly useful for winter sports.


What kinds of men's underwear are there?

Men usually wear two items of underwear — briefs with or without a fly and a vest. Some leave out the vest for everyday wear and just wear underwear bottoms. Especially on hot summer days.


The following kinds of men's underwear are available:

  • men's thongs, tangas, strings,
  • briefs, sports briefs and mini briefs,
  • men's boxer shorts in various lengths and widths,
  • tight-fitting retro shorts,
  • retro trunks or boxer briefs.
  • men's trunks or hipster trunks and
  • long johns for the winter.


Functional underwear or thermal underwear is often used for winter sports. This keeps the body warm and dry. Sweat is wicked away from the skin.


How do I wash men's underwear properly?

How you should wash your underwear and vests depends on the material. Check the care label. It will tell you what temperature to wash the item at. Sometimes washing by hand is recommended. In most cases, briefs, boxer shorts and thongs can be put in the washing machine.


Underwear generally does not need to be washed at a temperature above 30 degrees. However, it makes sense to do a wash at 60 degrees once a month to protect the washing machine. Otherwise a biofilm forms inside the drum.


If you wear cotton or linen underwear, it can usually be washed at higher temperatures of 60 degrees and above without any problems. For a white wash, you can use a heavy-duty detergent. For coloured men's underwear, a colour detergent is recommended. This will protect the colours.