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01 February 2024

Sure, you don’t need a special day to celebrate your love. But, with all those big heart-shaped balloons floating around everywhere, it’s hard not to get swept up by the magic (or pressure) of Valentine’s Day. Take the edge off the decision-making and let us share our favourite Valentine’s gift ideas for men, women, old friends, new loves, husbands, wives, and ‘it’s complicated’s’. Whether you’re the clown couple or the hopeless romantics, we’ve got you covered. We give you: 7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her, and them.




Write something. You don’t have to be the greatest writer to send a thoughtful Valentine’s Day card. If you’re not a poet, why not scour the internet for a meaningful quote. Make it personal by choosing a quote from someone you admire. Or, select something silly or comical, maybe a line from a TV show you both love, or lyrics from a song you once danced to. You can go super cheesy and romantic, or quirky and strange – whatever style suits you and your relationship. Our favourite Valentine’s Day card idea is to take something memorable your partner said and quote it inside (or even on) the card. Anything that made you think, or chuckle is perfect, and shows just how much you listen.



Print a photo. Go through your social media and print your favourite photo/s. Frame one or make a collage. You can pick a sophisticated frame that suits their décor, or you can go full-on tacky! And by that we mean glitter glue, sequins, pipe cleaners, and macaroni. If you don’t like to be in the photo, try to take a sneaky one of him/her/them while they’re not looking. Maybe they’re doing something stupid or cute or artsy. Perhaps write down why you appreciate the moment so much. For example: if you find it cute when they fart and laugh, tell them. If you think it’s sweet when they fall over, be sure to snap the moment before you help them up again. Whatever moment you pick, this personalised Valentine’s Day gift is sure to impress (or embarrass)!




Your partner in crime might not be your partner for life. Use the holiday of love to celebrate your nearest, dearest friends and family, or that person who’s just making you feel special right now.  Anything from a funny card, to a playful love note and some chocolates will suffice. But, if you want to go bigger, why not buy them a valentine’s Day book, a cheesy Valentine’s Day teddy bear, or treat them to dinner at your favourite hangout. You don’t need to do anything spectacular, just remind them they’re important.



We love a Valentine’s gift you can wear out. But even better than that: what about a cute Valentine’s gift you can wear in!? A cuddly, comfy pair of pajamas for a cosy Valentine’s night in is a great choice if you just want to curl up and eat pizza together! Throw in a few face masks, some of your favourite movies, some sweets, and et voilà! You’ve got the perfect ‘Cosy Night In’ gift set. Of course, if you do want to leave the house, why not treat him/her/them to something extra special to wear. You can shop everything from a tie, watch, or T-shirt, to jewellery, a dress, or a new pair of shoes or trainers.




You've been together for a little while now, and while you’re not moving in together just yet, you do have something pretty special. For a reallyyyyy romantic Valentine’s Day gift, why not buy something that sends a message? Imagine the look on their face when you treat your relatively recent beau to their own toothbrush, some drawer space, or a cosy new pair of pajamas they can wear specially for when they stay over at your place. You can even pull together a little gift pack, including a toothbrush, toiletries, PJs, and a fun Friday night movie.



Whether you’re shopping for your first Valentine’s Day present together, or you’ve been in a relationship for ages, you can’t go wrong with a gift that fuels their passion. In short: if your special person has a hobby, feed it. The best Valentine’s Day gifts demonstrate how well you know a person. If you know they like cooking, why not buy them a nice new set of knives, some designer kitchen utensils, or stoneware. If they’re into design, why not go for an inspiring piece of wall art or an activity such as a pottery class or painting workshop? Do they love to travel? Treat them to the best Valentine’s gift ever: buy a travel bag and slip a pair of tickets inside for a romantic Valentine’s Day city break. Whatever their passion is, fuel it.