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18 October 2021

Ever find it hard to order off the menu because there’s too much choice? There’s actually a science to that. We found out (or rather, the Internet told us) that too much choice demands you to process more data, it takes more time, and, in worst case scenarios, can totally paralyse you from making any decisions at all. Now, New Year’s is coming. And there’s so many trends and styles (not to mention deals) to choose from, that you have no idea where to start. This year, we’ve made it easy for you and narrowed it down to just six New Year’s Eve outfit ideas. You’re welcome.




Looking for a New Year’s Eve outfit that’s comfy and easy to put together while still being an instant eye-catcher? Look no further than the jumpsuit. From simple blacks and block colours, to bright patterns and glittering sequins, there’s a billion designs to choose from and a style to suit everyone. The jumpsuit can be glamourous while practical, dinner-party perfect while ideal for the dance floor. Basically, this NYE outfit is suitable for any NY activity. Finish your look with a bold pair of statement earrings. There’s something extra special about combining the practicality of a simple jumpsuit with flamboyant, over-the-top jewellery.




We started with science. Now for some maths. (And people say shopping isn’t educational?) You only need two distinct items to make this outfit work: jeans and an oversized blazer. The jeans can be flared or skinny, or even roughly cut off at the ankles, but they will pair well with a blazer. The bigger and boxier the blazer, the better in our opinion. And the fashion world agrees. As for the rest, a turtle neck or plain white T looks great with this simple combo. Subtle jewellery can add a little shine, and brogues, sneakers, heels, or boots are an excellent finish. It’s the perfect New Year’s outfit formula.



We mean that literally. Go for a New Year’s outfit that feels good to touch. Taking inspiration from the fun-loving nineties and the uber-tactile seventies, the last few years fashion has been dominated by textured materials like fluffy faux fur and velvet. For a retro vibe, we just love a fur jacket or vests over a turtle neck with layers and layers of necklaces. Or, if you like something a little more classic, try a silk shirt and skinny fit jeans, or a silk or satin dress. Your New Year’s Eve outfit can even take inspiration from the ever-trending boho style. All about texture, it’s easy to add a little boho to your outfit with a playful pair of tassel earrings, or a worn leather or suede clutch and boots.



This year has seen the fashion world fall hard for the shorter hemline. Go for a cute, more sophisticated New Year’s Eve outfit with a plain, straight mini with a high neckline and oversized blazer jacket. Or, why not get playful with a patterned mini skirt? For the perfect NYE party outfit, a sleek leather or black mini skirt goes wonderfully well with a crisp, fresh white shirt – and puffed, or padded shoulders are great for creating some glamourous 80s volume. Statement earrings are a must, though heels are not essential. Choose from flats, heels, or boots – the mini is the most versatile of New Year’s clothes.




Take a plain New Year’s Eve outfit and make it shine with a pair of show-stopping ankle boots. Or knee-high boots, or open toes – as long as they steal the show. Making your boots the main event of your outfit, takes the pressure off everything else you wear. Dress too simple for an NYE outfit? Look to the boots. Always wear that jumper? Eyes on the boots. In short: it’s all about the boots. Depending on your style, there’s loads of designs to grab your attention. Choose from sculpted, figure-hugging styles to retro chunky fits. Out tip? Boots with added texture (fur embellishments, alternating materials) are an instant eye-draw.




Start the New Year without any apologies. Wear bright, bold, shiny, colourful sequins. Wearing top-to-toe sequins creates a look that’s full of energy – perfect for hitting the party in! Looking for something a little edgier for this year’s NYE outfit? Sequins and leather are made for each-other. You can wear sequins in a more subdued way too. Subtle sequin details are perfect for adding a little sparkle to a sit-down dinner or formal gathering. Our tip: glossy black sequins can add a sophisticated edge to a down-key New Year’s Eve outfit.