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31 May 2022

At Afound, we love birthdays. Because we think that just because something’s been around for a while, it doesn’t make it less valuable. We’ve taken inspiration from our very own marketplace to give you seven unique gift ideas for boyfriends that’ll make him feel special. From thoughtful gift ideas for boyfriends, to gift ideas that’ll save money, we give you: the Afound boyfriend gift guide.




Whether it’s a birthday or just a regular old Tuesday, pamper your favourite human with a gift pack filled with relaxing goodies. From dressing gowns, slippers, and comfy pants to face creams, beard oils, and lotions, it’s easy to customise a gift box to suit his own personal idea of relaxing. Why not throw in a book or his favourite movie? Or save unnecessary packaging with an audiobook or streaming voucher? You can even create your own coupons, redeemable for a massage or a bubble bath. Gym passes or spa passes are great if you want to go a little bigger. But, if you’re looking for gifts for boyfriends on a budget, it’s easy to create a spa experience at home. ‘Not the right gift for my boyfriend’ you say? Keep reading...



Help him be a hero! Find a cause that he’s passionate about and turn it into a gift for him with ‘good cause’ gift ideas and more meaningful gifts for him. You can do everything from sponsoring an endangered animal to buying supplies for an underfunded school. It can be a grand gesture or something little to go alongside another gift, and you can spend as much or as little as you like. Things like mosquito nets or warm blankets can cost as little as £5. So, why not turn your gifts for men into gifts for others and create your own kind of birthday tradition? Rituals like this can really create connection and make great anniversary gifts for boyfriends because it can be something you can take part in together.



He’s getting older! Look after his joints with a new pair of sports shoes. After all, nothing says ‘I care’ like appropriate ankle support. Just joking… But seriously, a great pair of sport shoes or trainers are the best gift for active boyfriends – and are always fun to unwrap! Choose from the latest sports technology or the funnest fashion designs, you can treat his feet to a gift that both looks great and feels practical. Why not have a bit of fun and build up to the big gift with a pair of sport socks first. Or, be a bit wackier and make your boyfriend’s first gift a shoehorn? It’ll make the main gift look even better and you’ll have fun creating a silly memory! Plus, of all things to get your boyfriend, a shoehorn is pretty unexpected. Funny gifts for boyfriends are our favourite!




Summer or winter, a new pair of sunglasses makes the best gift for boyfriends. Why? Sunglasses and fashion shades have become more than just an accessory for sunny weather. Because there’s such a wide range of designs available now, it’s easy to find a pair, whatever your taste or budget. From retro 70s styles to classic vintage trends, a good pair of sunnies can make both a great collector’s item and a really sentimental gift for him. Pick right, and he’ll know just how well you know him. Pick wrong? Just make sure they look good on you too.



Bigger budget? Take him on a mini break. There are so many options. A romantic weekend in Paris, a history-lovers retreat to that old 12th century village? A cycling tour in the country? Whatever you’re into, this gift for boyfriends is super adaptable. And a perfectly romantic gift for your boyfriend too! And, can absolutely be done on a lower budget. Why not turn up to the train station and see where you can get for under £50? Or, if you love the outdoors? Why not spend a weekend camping and stargazing? Our tip: why not create three envelopes containing a different destination in each then let him pick his own gift? Or, if you really want to create suspense, wrap the tickets to your destination in a travel bag or other travel accessory and watch him figure it out. Best gift for boyfriends ever.




Less is more. When you’re on a budget, get creative with a stay-at-home duvet day. It makes a pretty cute Valentines Day gift for him. All you need is: all his favourite shows and films, all his favourite junk food, and a few fun accessories. The best part: no shower necessary. You’ll need a duvet or blankets too, of course. But, if you really want to make your boyfriend’s gift a bit special, why not build a fort or throw up a few decorations for the event? The only rule: minimum effort. This means no cooking. Either throw it in the oven or get a takeaway. Our tip: craft him a menu or itinerary and let him pick between pizza or burger, or action film or thriller. Wrapped up in your own special bubble for the day, it’s a fuss-free, personalized gift for your boyfriend that he’s sure to remember.