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31 May 2022

Drying your clothes in a dryer saves time, but it really takes more than just mashing all wet laundry in the dryer and pressing start. It is always good if you read the washing instructions first, and look at the washing symbols on the various garments. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will have to pick out a lot of shrunken clothes and broken fabric fibers, and we do not want that. 
By tumble drying with a little more finesse, you extend the life of your garments and save money by not replacing clothes that have been tumbled apart. 

Quick tips for tumble drying


Shake washed clothes - Shaking out your garments before putting them in the dryer may sound like a waste of time, but it actually saves both time and helps against wrinkled clothes.

Full but not too full - Do not fill the dryer to max capacity in the belief that it will save time – often it is actually the other way around! The result can instead be that the clothes become wrinkled and not completely dry, which means that you have to hang-dry or run the machine again.

Tumble dry with a perfect result

1) Read the manual. Almost all of us think we know how to use our dryer – turn a thing and press a button. But to be as efficient as possible, it is important to actually read the instructions before running the machine, and find out what the different settings mean.

2) Vary the heat depending on what kind of fabric you are going to tumble dry. Not all garments should be dried on high heat. Although high heat feels like the fastest and easiest way, too high heat can result in damaged and shrunken clothing.

3) Do not overload the dryer. The clothes need space to tumble around properly to dry properly and not get wrinkled.


4) When you take the garments out of the washing machine, it is good if you shake them out. If you have washed garments and textiles of different quality and materials together, it is good to divide them into different drying programs.

Save energy and money when you tumble dry 


  • A dryer accounts for a fairly large part of your annual energy consumption. Learning how to use your dryer in the best way can help you save energy and money. 
  • When you fill your dryer, it is good to separate garments in lighter materials from garments in heavier materials and textiles. In this way, your laundry dries even faster.
  • Whenever possible it is advisable to avoid clogged dryers. If the garments have the opportunity to tumble freely, they dry faster and you save energy. 
  • Running several rounds of washing in succession in the dryer saves energy, as the machine does not have to heat up every time. 
  • Do not mix wet garments with semi-dry garments in the dryer. This confuses the moisture detector in the dryer and causes the semi-dry garments to dry for too long. 
  • Do not open the dryer door unnecessarily. If you emit heat, the drying cycle is extended.
  • Remove lint and clean the filter after each round of washing you have dried. Lint – even just a little – prolongs the drying cycle. 
  • If possible, it is a good idea to install the dryer in a heated room. In this way, it heats up faster and the laundry dries more efficiently. 


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