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Well-groomed nails complete your look. Nail varnish provides an even shine and lovely colour; there's a massive range of shades out there, from nude polishes to glittery lacquer. The textures also vary hugely. There are nourishing varnishes that harden and protect. Bright top coats, meanwhile, can provide a pop of colour or make your varnish last for longer. Manufacturers are constantly surprising us with trends like metallic or matt finishes. 

How to get the perfect manicure in 5 simple steps:


1. Remove any old nail varnish 

If you paint your nails regularly, you'll get through a lot of nail polish remover, too; products with moisturising properties make a good choice. Nourishing oils compensate for the solvents' drying effect. Cleaning works best if you soak a make-up pad in nail polish remover, then press it against the nail for a few seconds; this means you won't have to rub it as much.


2. Push back the cuticle

Painted nails look best if they have a clean outline. However, if the cuticle is growing into the nail, this can result in a jagged or lopsided outline, so you should push the cuticle back with a rounded wooden stick. Do it very gently, because the skin here is very sensitive. 


3. Nourishing base coat

Now your nail is ready for its first coat of polish. Apply a clear base coat first. This will prevent your nails from becoming discoloured by the coloured polish. There are also nail care polishes for a wide range of needs. Hardening base coats strengthen soft, thin nails; nourishing base coats care for brittle nails, and there are also ridge fillers that create an even surface. You'll find your perfect nail care polish among our range.


4. Coloured nail polishes

Introduce a bit of variety to your day-to-day with new colours. You can coordinate them with your outfit or choose a neutral pastel shade. Gel varnishes provide a fuller look. It's important to apply the varnish evenly: start by brushing down the middle, then fill in the nail by brushing at the sides. For a stunning result, apply a second layer of colour after it dries. 


5. Leave your nails to dry 

No sooner have you painted your nails beautifully than the varnish gets marked - so annoying! To prevent this, always make sure that each coat of polish is thoroughly dry. Here are some tips for speeding things up:

  • Always apply varnish in thin coats.
  • Blow-drying your nails helps the drying process. This is better than blowing on them, as your breath moistens your nails.
  • Hold your fingers out in the sunlight for a few minutes. UV radiation will harden the varnish faster.
  • Special nail oils or sprays accelerate the drying process and also nourish your cuticles.



Nail polishes for colour and care

Whether in the form of nourishing base coats or dazzling top coats, nail polish is the crowning glory of any manicure. It adds a burst of colour and sparkle. And as it's so lovely, it's nice to treat yourself to a few different ones. You'll find high-quality nail polishes among our deals. 

Discover our range of nourishing varnishes and trendy colours!




What is gel nail varnish?

There are several kinds of gel coats for nails. There are the kind of UV gel polishes that you get in a nail studio, which have to be hardened under a special UV lamp after application. This bonds them firmly to the nail, so they are scratch-resistant. There are also gel varnishes that you can apply at home. They work just like regular nail varnish and simply dry in the air. However, gel varnish has a little more volume than a simple colour coat. It looks lovely and is similar in appearance to the UV gel varnishes applied in a studio, but at a much lower price. On the other hand, DIY gel varnish isn't completely scratch-resistant.


How long does nail varnish last?

Nail varnishes last for different lengths of time. Normally you can assume that the higher quality the product, the longer it will last. But there can be huge differences even within the same price segment. For instance, some formulas are designed to dry quickly, while others are made to last for longer. With proper application and care, standard nail varnishes can last for up to a week. You may even be able to get 14 days out of special long-lasting coats.


How can I make my nail varnish last for longer? 

Do you prefer to re-do your manicure as seldom as possible? Read on for some tricks to get your nail varnish to last longer!

  • Thorough preparation: make sure your nails are completely clean and dry before applying varnish. This will allow the varnish to attach more firmly to the nail.
  • Leave them to dry thoroughly: let every coat dry fully before applying the next. Wait until the final layer has completely hardened before doing anything with your hands, such as putting on shoes.
  • Use a long-lasting top coat. These also come as clear coats that you can apply on top of coloured varnishes; they have a special formula that reduces scratches and chipping.